Prince Pool Tables

The Prince pool table is considered the sister to the classic Winner table. The classic 'turned leg' styling of the Prince compliments many games room interiors. The fine detailing of the cabinet corners add an exquisite touch and our vast laminate and cloth colour ranges provide a multitude of options for you. Adjustable feet provide the flexibility to level the table on uneven floors. The Italian slate bed and professional cushion rubbers are also utilised on commercial coin operated Prince tables, guaranteeing you the highest quality playing attributes.

The Prince table can often be spotted on TV tournaments and is the table of choice for many pool playing professionals. As with the Winner and Slimline Prince, this table is available in 'kit form' which we can professionally re-assemble - even in awkward access areas e.g lofts and cellars. Photographs of our past installations and recommendations are always available for your peace of mind.

The Prince is available in 6ft and 7ft versions. Learn more now.

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Everything you need to know

The Freeplay range of the Supreme Prince tables are available in 6ft and 7ft. E & OE: All tables have 4 adjustable feet to aid levelling.


  • 1913 long x 1139 wide x 835mm high
  • Depth of cabinet - 410mm
  • Slate size - 1676 x 902mm
  • Playing area 1600 x 826mm
  • Weight - Freeplay 204 kilos
  • Weight - Coin Operated 215 kilos


  • 2141 long x 1226 wide x 835mm high
  • Depth of cabinet - 410mm
  • Slate size - 1905 x 990mm
  • Playing area - 1829 x 914mm
  • Weight - Freeplay 244 kilos
  • Weight - Coin operated 255 kilos

Featuring the classic ‘turned leg’ look which is growing in popularityamongst regular players (see opposite).
Aramith Spots and Stripes match ball sets are popular with our freeplay and coin-operated Supreme Prince domestic pool table.
The Supreme Prince table is a firm favourite for clients who wish the traditional look combined with modern build and play.
The Prince Pool tables feature precision ground Italian slate and quality English cushion rubbers which offer consistent ball response every time.

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Industry leading add-on's

supreme winner accessories

All Supreme Prince Pool Tables sold come with our industry leading pool table accessories as standard. These include 4 cues, reds/yellows or spots/stripes balls, a triangle, chalk, table brush and a plastic cover - all completely FREE!

Our parent company IQ Pool Tables also offer a wide range of pool table accessories for your playing needs - blue and yellow pool balls, numbered sets, heavy duty pool triangles, brushes, Aramith chalks, pool cue tips, cue racks, cue balls, table parts and much, much more - - why not visit our Amazon shop IQ Pool now to purchase!

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Cloths & Colours

Industry leading add-on's

Which Colour?

The list of cloth options you can choose for your Supreme Prince Pool Table is endless! As can be seen in our image gallery above, options range from the traditional green napped woollen cloth to the more recently favoured dark grey and black pool table cloths. We can almost guarantee that any colour you desire can be matched!

Which Cloth?

While napped woollen pool table cloth is the client favourite, nylon speed cloth is slowly increasing in popularity, partly due to its use at professional pool and snooker tournaments. The playing characteristics of this cloth are very fast - this makes it more skilful for some players, but for others this simply is not an option.

Whatever you decide, Supreme Pool Tables can provide sample swatches to help your decision process.

Personalised Pool Table Cloths

As well as the standard range of colours available for your Winner Pool Table, IQ Pool Tables can also offer personalised digital pool table cloth printing - subject to copyright issues, we could reproduce your imagery onto high quality Milliken Artscape Strachan 6811 napped wool cloth. The image is digitally printed within the cloth. Your new Winner pool table could showcase your favourite football club crest, movie star, relative, alcoholic beverage - whatever you desire, from as little as £285! Visit our parent company IQ Pool Tables for an idea of some previously printed custom pool table cloths.

Supreme Prince Pool Table Cloth Recover

Years of excessive play on your Supreme Prince table may cause cloth rips and wear to the exterior. Why not allow IQ Pool Tables Recovers the opportunity to bring your pride & joy back to life? With thousands of slates/cushions refurbished over the years you can be assured we have all the necessary credentials to rejuvenate your table. For more information visit our sister site: IQ Pool Table Recovers

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